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Social sustainability

As a women-led business, we feel it’s important to support other women. Our employees are graduates from the Luminary Bakery, a social entreprise training and supporting disadvantaged women. Our delicious treats are lovingly made by women paid a fair wage. It’s a joy working with them and they keep us grounded.

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Environmental sustainability

Reducing energy usage

Thanks to the support of the Growing Kent and Medway Innovation Business Voucher, we carried out a research project to dry our probiotic treats in a more energy efficient way. The project was led by Greenwich University.

Upcycling ingredients

Food waste reduction is on top of our list. As members of the Growing Kent and Medway network, we have started conversations with local growers about the possibility of upcycling their surplus or wonky fruit and vegetables. Upcycling ingredients from food producers is another thing we are aiming for.  


Sadly, due to small production volumes and the need for a high barrier, we cannot currently offer recyclable or compostable packaging. As volumes increase, we pledge to transition to compostable or recyclable packaging. We are considering setting up a reusable packaging scheme for subscriptions.

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