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Melina Moggia, Marie-Laure Prevost and Laura Sanchez

Our founder Marie-Laure Prevost is a registered dietitian and a public health nutritionist (MSc London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine). She realised not everyone - including her husband - was a fan of the likes of kimchi, kraut, kefir and kombucha, which contain 'good bacteria' and nutrients known to boost gut health. That is when she founded Fermenti and started experimenting with fruit and nut fermentation, freeze drying and dehydration.

What took the fermentation adventure to the next level was the collaboration with Melina Moggia, a talented Argentinian pastry chef. Thanks to her flair and fine palate, our first bio bites were born: a delicious crunchy treat that melts in the mouth.

A few months later, fellow Hampstead mum Laura Sanchez (BSc Business and Management) came on board, adding her business acumen to the enterprise. Fermenti's online store was launched and we started to sell our first bio bites in London wellness festivals and markets. 

Because we are harnessing the power of live cultures, we have been taking advice and collaborating with microbiologists since the beginning. It started out with a collaboration with the Microbiology research group from the French National Research Institute (INRAE). In 2023, we are teaming up with microbiologists Dr. Stacey Duvenage and Dr. Robert Fuchs from Greenwich University and food processing expert Dr. Parag Acharaya from the Medway Food Innovation Centre.

Last, but not least, our treats are hand-made in our kitchens by graduates from the Luminary Bakery, a social enterprise supporting disadvantaged London women.

We are passionate about creating an innovative plant-based fermented food that is a joy to the palate and a nourishment for the gut.

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