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What is fermentation?

Fermentation happens when bacteria or yeasts feast on the sugars in a food and create lactic acid making the food tart. Humans of all cultures have fermented their foods to preserve it before the fridge came along, but also to create new complex deep flavors. Think olives in Italy, cheese and wine in France, kimchi in Korea, Chinese and japanese pickles, chutneys and idli in India, sauerkraut and kvass in Eastern Europe.

What are the benefits of fermented vegetables and fruits?

Science is in its early stages to understand how exactly our mental and physical health are impacted by our community of gut bacteria. We know that fermentation of vegetables increases the amount of some vitamins and minerals. Think about Captain Cook who gave his seamen Vit C rich sauerkraut to avoid scurvy. Vit B12, which is difficult to find in vegan foods, is also present in fermented vegetables because it is produced by Lactobacillus reuteri during fermentation. Fermented vegetables and fruits are a way of having probiotics in our diet and together with a healthy lifestyle and diet, they support our gut microbiome.

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Which processed we use to make Fermenti macarons?

We lacto ferment our fruits and vegetables the traditional way, which means that we put them under a salty brine for a few days. After that we mix them with coconut kefir or cashew cream cheese, add the spices and freeze dry or dehydrate them into snacks.

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