Fermenti snacks are lacto fermented plant-based nibbles. Very few kids and adults can resist their chewiness or soft crunch. All the better, because they are truly nourishing and full of natural goodness. Some Fermenti snacks are sweet, others are savoury and umami. 


They are made from lacto-fermented fresh fruits and vegetables, cashews and coconut which makes them rich in live, friendly bacteria and fibre. We’re passionate about a balanced healthy gut and felt it was about time to create a snack as moreish for our taste buds as for our trillions of friendly gut bacteria.


We are still in the experimentation process to come up with the perfect products that will nourish your gut and taste bud. While waiting for our products to launch, you can follow our journey on Instagram or Facebook where we share with you all the creation process.



Fermenti snacks are not only healthy but gourmet fermented food. They are irresistible on the go snacks and nibbles, the fermented foods of lay(wo)men, foodies, kids and travellers.


At Fermenti, we are conscious about the impact of our diets on climate change and chose to use only plant-based products. Our recipes use coconut milk kefir and cashew cream cheese instead of milk kefir. We use cultures that are originally present on organic vegetables and fruits or vegan cultures if needed. Our snacks are also ideal for people with lactose intolerance or dairy allergy.


Our snacks have been approved by our kids and their friends. 


We are more microorganism than we are human, outnumbering our human cells, they live on our skin and inside our bodies. Most of them reside in our gut and they are part of the gut microbiome.

This microbiome has co-evolved in humans and animals over hundreds of thousands of years. It is said to play an essential role in our bodies in regards to mental health, immunity and digestive health. Research into the microbiome is ongoing and we are confident that more will be discovered as we speak.

Fermented foods such as Fermenti snacks are a way to consume good bacteria. They hold 10 million live cultures of at least 15 different strains. Aside from the live cultures, they also contain prebiotics and polyphenols which are food for the good bacteria and butyrates which repair the gut.


Scientists agree that a balanced gut microbiome depends on the diversity of good bacteria in the microbiome. Yoghurt has been the most popular lacto fermented food in Western countries for the last few decades. Unfortunately, it’s often not the healthiest option as any type of yoghurt besides natural yoghurt contains a lot of sugar. With regards to live cultures, yoghurt contains only 1-2 strains that are not always live.


Fermenti snacks contain at least 15 different strains of cultures and by mixing different lacto fermented ingredients in our recipes, we increased the diversity of the cultures. We are working with a lab that will measure the amount of live cultures.


Our products are lacto fermented the traditional way in a controlled environment and freeze dried using the latest technology. We lab test the products to ensure that they don’t contain harmful microorganisms.


Our products are sourced from local British producers or from fair trade producers. We are working as well on a sustainable packaging, ideally compostable.